I suggest to all my clients, that they choose a month of nothing, a month where we curb spending and a chance to save. We used to choose November, however, Black Friday now dominates November. Therefore February is an excellent month, since there are no chagim for A MONTH OF NOTHING

The majority of the population are, in fact in overdraft and the bank account needs balancing as quickly as possible. Sometimes we need to streamline expenses and the idea of a month without nothing came from Michelle McGagh, a financial journalist who lives in the UK. She tried this experiment for a year and SAVED STG 23,000 – quite a fortune, you’ll agree!

Michelle admits that she had to make adjustments to her lifestyle, learn how to cook more and also cook in batches so she could freeze the food. During the year she also learnt how to become a savvy food shopper, doing MARKET RESEARCH to find the cheapest supermarket.

She said that it was not a lesson in poverty but a lesson in frugality. Michelle claimed that even though she writes about finances, the importance of savings and that she was not in debt, the year taught her more about the VALUE OF MONEY. The amount of money actually saved by the end of the year surprised her, and she admits that she now handles finances and purchases more proficiently.

I am not asking you to deprive yourselves for a year – but choose one month in the year when you simply don’t spend. TRY IT AND SEE!

February could be the month you decide not to spend money on non-essentials. If February doesn’t suit, for personal reasons, you can CHOOSE ANOTHER MONTH. For example, June is also a very relaxed month.
Let’s look at some examples of what you could do:

No eating out
No going to the movies
No going to shows
No going to lectures
No buying new stuff for the house
No household renovations
No holidays
No trips requiring an outlay of money
No buying of make-up
No haircuts
No beauticians
No luxuries

NO buying news clothes, even for your children unless they have holes in their shoes. You can even try reducing your food bill by hundreds of shekels. Yes, it can be done! Simply no expensive cuts of meat, alcohol, baked goods, or restocking of your pantry, to mention a few possibilities. Try buying just the necessities.