Are you tracking your money to financial success?

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When I was a young mother my husband received an enormous bonus from work. Instead of enjoying the money or investing it, we paid off our substantial overdraft and managed to upgrade our car to a less old one.

We were not managing our family finances, we had not defined our financial goals and therefore we had no direction. We got totally lost in the financial jungle, even though my husband was a banker!!! This situation caused a lot of financial tension between the two of us, which could have been avoided if only we knew how to manage our finances more proficiently.

I was just so frustrated about the situation and I knew that life could be so much better, so I started working with a very basic budget.  The problem was, that I did not know how to process the information or even grasp the rudiments of budgeting.

If you can relate to my personal story then my webinar, “Tracking your money to financial success” is designed especially for you.  This webinar will reveal the secrets in budgeting, so you can build your own personal budget.

Over my 8 years of experience being a Family Financial advisor I have perfected the tracking formula.  In this unique webinar I will reveal my tracking secrets, the ones which make you financially stable.  I will disclose to you in this webinar how to use the tracking techniques and see immediate results, even within the first week!! So register to this webinar, since it is definitely for you.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 31stJanuary 2017 at 8.30 pm in the comfort of your home; all you need is an armchair and a computer.