Coping With Becoming Single Again

You may be familiar with the 5 stages of grief, compiled in 1969 by Elisabeth Kobler Ross: denial – anger – bargaining – depression – acceptance.

When going through a divorce or bereavement, there is no timetable to predict how long you will be in each stage, or even in what order you will go through the stages, you may even go backwards and forwards.  All we know is that you will go through each of these stages.

We are told that the most traumatic experience after death is divorce. Death we do not survive, so divorce is pretty emotionally painful.

Most people are under the illusion that we only experience grief when we lose a partner or loved one, but there are other instances when we experience grief:

  • The break-up of a relationship or close friendship
  • Loss of health through illness affecting yourself or a partner. (A friend of mine once told me that when her husband suffered a stroke at the age of 45, she totally grieved for her previous life.)
  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of safety after a trauma
  • Loss of financial stability
  • Death of a partner, loved one or family member.

When we look at this list, it is clear that the grief we experience over the loss of a job is not as intense as losing a partner or loved one, but, whatever the situation, we still go through the 5 stages of grief.

Handling finances correctly when there is a life change is imperative for your future so that you can be financially stable. If you do not manage your finances correctly, you may become financially stressed and in some cases become destitute.

I advise many people on coping with being single again. We discuss the 3 stages of handling your finances when there is a life change.  I guarantee you that if you follow these steps carefully you will become financially stable and you will be able to enjoy your new life.

Here is the testimonial of a lovely lady whom I helped to plan her financial future after her husband passed away.

“I have had the privilege of using Suzy Kahati’s services as a Family Financial Planner.  She was my anchor in a sea of financial troubles following my husband’s death. Through her expert guidance, I was able to focus  on getting my head above water, settling my accounts, and making financial plans for my future. This has all happened in the last year, and I have nothing but praise for Suzy’s professional foresight, her sympathetic approach, and her ability to guide and mentor me.”

If you are facing major changes in your life and would like help with financial issues, contact me today on or 054-421-7207.