Would you like to have your money last that much longer?The average family is unaware of their financial leaks in their expenses.  However, after just checking where the leaks are, these families can reduce their expenses up to 20-30%!  This is without impacting their quality of life.

This can be accomplished by making small changes in consumer habits. It sometimes requires some effort to locate the leaks and deal with them.  However, once you have completed this task and become more aware where your money seeps out, you can spot them in the future and avoid them, or deal with them.

The result will be that you will have more money at the end of the month.  The surplus cash means that there is so much more for savings and for items that you really want so that you can enjoy the life that you deserve.

So don’t miss this unique webinar in English on how to save NIS 10,000 a year without lowering your standard of living.  During the webinar you will receive tips which are easy to implement, learn to stop the financial links and save money.

Click HERE  to save your place
Date:Tuesday, 16th May 2017
Time: 8.30 pm
Where: In the comfort of your home