Family Financial Adviser

Do you want to manage your personal finances efficiently and live debt-free?
Do you wish for financial stability for you and your family?
Are you having a hard time dealing with a fluctuating income?
Do you need help solving a financial dilemma?

Many of us do, and it can be achieved.
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About Me

My name is Suzy Kahati and I am a family financial advisor. My vision is to help families achieve financial stability.


I studied family financial advising at Esh Lidor and opened my own business in 2008. My extensive working career in administration and budgeting, over the years, serves as a backdrop to my current status, and has provided me with some valuable tools and insights throughout the years.


My area of expertise is dealing with families with fluctuating incomes. Not only do I come from the same place my clients come from, but I speak their language and I bring results. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping a family leave their financial difficulties behind, while equipping them with the necessary outlook and tools for economic stability.


On a personal note, I was born in England and made Aliyah to Israel in 1983. When I am not working, I enjoy walks on the beach with my dog, sport, a good read and spending time with my three wonderful daughters.

Suzy Kahati


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