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Do you want to manage your personal finances efficiently and live debt-free?
Do you wish for financial stability for you and your family?
Are you having a hard time dealing with a fluctuating income?
Do you need help solving a financial dilemma?

Many of us do, and it can be achieved.
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We can highly recommend Suzy Kahati as a family financial planner. During the course of our year-long series of meetings, Suzy helped us gain control of our finances as well as guided on how to plan more effectively for the future. Her bottom-up approach helped us discover for ourselves how best to budget and manage our money. We appreciated both her warm and encouraging demeanor and the helpful charts, worksheets and graphs that she brought to each meeting. We are confident that we will continue to see positive results from our “financial makeover” for years to come.


Abbi and Meir Adest

When I lost my job and the major part of my family’s income Suzy advised my wife and I how to plan and manage our finances. She helped us focus on all the things we’d previously taken for granted and we were able to formulate a budget we could live with. Without Suzy’s invaluable help I believe we would not have made it through our financial crisis. I would totally recommend Suzy without any hesitation to any prospective clients and thank her whole heartedly for getting us back on the tracks!

Jonathan Garber

I met Suzy 8 months ago while I really needed help balancing my budget, as I started a new business and had no consistent income. Suzy helped me to be much more aware to the traps I tended to fall into and equipped me with simple efficient tools to control my budget. I highly recommend her as a financial consultant for households and small businesses.

Galia Gagaty

If you need a family financial advisor, you need look no further than Suzy Kahati. This is an unsolicited recommendation for her fabulous services but I simply felt that I had to share the
information! Suzy is highly professional, thorough, friendly, personal and expert at what she does. If you are having difficulty with budgeting, getting out of overdraft and family financial planning, then Suzy is your address.

Chana Simon

I recently attended Suzy Kahati’s Seminar on managing household finances and it was excellent. Suzy is very personable, warm and informative. She patiently explained the different personalities and types of family spending habits which we all related to and then very clearly explained how we go into overdraft and how do we get out of it. We were given guidelines in planning our budgets and very helpful tips on how to save money and the importance of it.

I for one found it extremely helpful and think everyone would benefit from her she is a great resource!! She also does individual counseling as well as her seminars.


With Suzy’s gentle guidance, no nonsense and straightforward approach, and thorough understanding and caring, she has helped us pave the way to financial security and success. She helped change our mindset and entire way of thinking about money and how we could take control of our financial destinies and not be ruled by debt. With Suzy’s help, my family is well on its way to being debt-free. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Aliza Chodoff

Suzy is knowledgeable, professional and knows what she is trying to achieve for her client. If you work as a team with Suzy you will achieve your financial freedom more easily.

Dorian Hatchuel

I highly recommend Suzy as a family financial adviser. Suzy has provided me with excellent skills to manage all aspects of my financial affairs. Again, I highly recommend her!

Roni Reuveni

Highly recommend Suzy Kahati for anyone wishing to get their finances in order – she turned our situation around in a matter of months. No more sleepless nights :)

Grant Crankshaw

Dear Suzy

As a business of high standards, A.N.T.s Cleaning, pride themselves on exceeding 100%+ client satisfaction.  Over 90% of their business comes through word of mouth referrals and that is why they choose who they deal with, with the same care and attention as they give to all of their clients.

Your name was referred to Sandy by quite a few people and I must say that you have certainly more than lived up to their description and Sandy’s expectations.

She needed professional advice about her financial affairs and having now experienced your wonderful services, I would like to thank you personally for the following reasons.

You treated her with total and utter respect and not once was she ever made to feel like she should have known the answers herself.

You hit every deadline that you promised her.

You explained your reasoning throughout the whole process (even when she didn’t quite understand, you were astute enough to recognise this and put it to her again, in a way that then made sense).

You have taken away a lot of stress and worry about the future which was her main objective and my main concern

You have put the smile back on her face.

You have become a true friend to her.

Suzy, we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you and your company to anyone that asks.  In fact, please feel free to ask anyone to call us if they need any further testimonial or encouragement to use you.

Thank you once again for putting that smile back on our faces. Until we meet again,

Phil Berg
BNI Assistant National Director, UK & Ireland


As a young girl growing up in England, one of my late father’s favourite pastimes was going on a ramble with his brother.  He automatically included us children in his plans without being given any option. My father’ started planning ahead of time: he scheduled a date, then took out the maps and guide books and he chose  walk.  Next, he planning the drive to the selected location.  I used to be amazed how we would drive for hours and always arrive without getting lost.  The ramble inevitably had a pub in the middle where my father and uncle would pop in for a beer and we children waited outside with a bottle of cold coke and some crisps.

Nowadays, we don’t need to plan long trips with paper maps, we can either plan the trip online or, even more easy, use the GPS or a smart-phone that navigates the journey for us and also tells us how long the journey will take and when we can expect to arrive.


When my father planned his trips he took into account, travel time, walk time, pub time and travel time back home.  The end result was a wonderful day out, even if it meant trudging through field and forest come rain or snow, that created long cherished memories.

One law of physics states: If you aim at nothing you will always get there and I have yet to meet the person who drives their car without a destination.


Budgeting is just the same.  Throughout our lives we will earn hundred and thousands of shekels but if we do not have an overall plan and  destination for what we want to do with our money we will end up not achieving anything and we will sit in our rocking chair and think where did all the money go?

Our GPS in the financial world is our budget.  We have to know what and how much we are spending and more importantly, what are our long term goals.  Whatever path you choose is fine, so long as you know you are on that path.   The figures are quite startling, 76% of the population feels out of control when it comes to their personal finances. This statistic should be the other way round with 76% of the population feeling IN CONTROL of their finances. The only way to achieve this feeling is to work with a budget.

Remember: Money is active, dynamic and that is why it is called currency, from the Latin currens  meaning flowing or running, because it is moving all the time.   Therefore you should always tell your money what to do otherwise if you allow a lack of direction your money will always manage you (David Ramsey).

The simple rule of budgeting is that you have to sit down once a week and track your expenses so that you know where and how you are spending your money.  Contact me to receive a free budget form.

If you want to receive more tips on budgeting, please ‘like’ my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Suzy.Kahati.FamilyFinancialAdvisor?ref=br_rs

Lectures & Workshops

As a family financial advisor, I offer mind-opening lectures and unique facilitated workshops for families and individuals. Here’s the A-list:


How to Control your Money: An analysis of the first step towards financial stability, as well as a thought provoking examination of how we can get a grip on our personal finances. Includes tips for great money habits.

The Psychology of Money: Why do we like to spend money so much? An inside look at how advertising affects us also our perceptions about money, how money affects family relationships and much more.

Kids and Money: This lecture will give you important tips on how to teach your children the value of money.  Also discussing and understanding the relationship between parents and their adult children, many of whom are still financially dependent, and how to find the proper balance in complex situations.


Love and Money: A Good Relationship? A candid discussion about the evolution of marital life over the past 100 years.  Learning the secrets to a satisfying financial relationship.



Family Finance Workshop: The purpose of this 3-meeting workshop (three hours per meeting) is to practice and implement simple, down-to-earth tools for family financial stability. We will learn how to build an efficient budget and follow it up.  There is always a session with a banker on how to deal with banks.


Workshop for Small Businesses with Fluctuating Incomes: This unique workshop is managed in cooperation with a business financial advisor and is intended for families who also run a small business. The 4-meeting workshop (3 hours per meeting) is divided into two parts: How to finance your business, and how to manage your home budget with a fluctuating income.  There is always a session with a banker on how to deal with banks.

Download PDF about Interest Rates.

The Process

In todays fast pace paced world we are forced to balance between our career, our family life and our leisure time. Within the chaos of the modern world, families must make sure that they are equipped to deal with financial challenges and ensure financial stability.

Many families work hard to earn a decent wage yet are forever chasing their tails. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. If we have learned to control other areas of our lives using various methods, there is no reason we shouldn’t be able to implement the method of family budgeting using appropriate tools to achieve financial stability.

 I have developed a simple 3-step process:

Step one: Expenses vs. Income                                                       

At the initial meeting and in order to get to know my clients on a more personal level, I ask them to fill out a questionnaire that will help me understand their lifestyle and personal preferences. This is filled out by both spouses together, as joint family heads. We then go over bank and credit card statements from the previous three months.

Step Two: Creating a Budget

After analyzing the statements, we determine which is higher – expenses or income, and why. Keeping in mind the golden rule, “Income must be higher than expenses”, we create a realistic family budget, based on various variables such as fluctuating income and a prioritization of expenses.

Step Three: Budget Follow-Up

This step is the most important.  Once you get this right, you are on your way towards financial stability. Once a week, both spouses sit together for a short meeting and go over expenses, while at the same time also reviewing the amount of funds remaining until month’s end. At the end of every month, the couple must go over last month’s expenses vs. income and plan the month ahead.  That way, you will gradually gain control of your finances, instead of having your finances control you.

Tips on filling out the form

Budget form


Why do you need a family financial advisor?

We all cope with financial difficulties. We all want to improve our quality of life. But many of us were never taught to budget or navigate through the waters of family finance. Without the appropriate knowledge, many families cope with far more difficulty and stress than necessary, and miss out on countless opportunities for financial growth. As a family financial advisor, I engage my clients in a forward building process and provide basic tools that make a world of difference.


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