Family Financial Adviser

Do you want to manage your personal finances efficiently and live debt-free?
Do you wish for financial stability for you and your family?
Are you having a hard time dealing with a fluctuating income?
Do you need help solving a financial dilemma?

Many of us do, and it can be achieved.
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Lectures & Workshops

As a family financial advisor, I offer mind-opening lectures and unique facilitated workshops for families and individuals. Here’s the A-list:


How to Control your Money: An analysis of the first step towards financial stability, as well as a thought provoking examination of how we can get a grip on our personal finances. Includes tips for great money habits.

The Psychology of Money: Why do we like to spend money so much? An inside look at how advertising affects us also our perceptions about money, how money affects family relationships and much more.

Kids and Money: This lecture will give you important tips on how to teach your children the value of money.  Also discussing and understanding the relationship between parents and their adult children, many of whom are still financially dependent, and how to find the proper balance in complex situations.


Love and Money: A Good Relationship? A candid discussion about the evolution of marital life over the past 100 years.  Learning the secrets to a satisfying financial relationship.



Family Finance Workshop: The purpose of this 3-meeting workshop (three hours per meeting) is to practice and implement simple, down-to-earth tools for family financial stability. We will learn how to build an efficient budget and follow it up.  There is always a session with a banker on how to deal with banks.


Workshop for Small Businesses with Fluctuating Incomes: This unique workshop is managed in cooperation with a business financial advisor and is intended for families who also run a small business. The 4-meeting workshop (3 hours per meeting) is divided into two parts: How to finance your business, and how to manage your home budget with a fluctuating income.  There is always a session with a banker on how to deal with banks.

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