Last year, I travelled to Holland for 10 days during the winter with a carry on weighing just 8 kg, of which 4kg were presents for my hosts.  After giving a lot of thought to what clothes I would need, it amazed me how careful planning enabled me to really cut down on the quantity I took. 

Now, I have just returned from a lovely 5-day vacation in Crete.  While preparing, I decided that if I could manage with very little clothing in the winter, the rule would hold even more true for the summer.  The cost of sending a suitcase would have been an extra 80 euros.  I decided that it was not worth the extra cost and could manage very nicely with just 5kg in a carry-on bag.  

So I packed the following:
4 dresses
2 swimsuits
2 pairs of trousers (one I wore)
4 tops (one I wore)
Flip flops
2 pairs of sandals (one I wore)
Beach bag and one small bag for the evening 
Toiletries – liquids needed to be under 100ml (Always make sure to check the current requirements for both departing from Israel and the return home.)
Makeup bag 

I also made sure that I had room for my vacation purchases.

This all weighed under 5 kg!

All airlines allow a handbag or a small backpack as well, so I packed my book, sunscreen, water, spare glasses, passport and food.

Traveling light means that you are saving time at the airport – no waiting for luggage handling here or abroad.  The luggage won’t get lost, which can dampen any trip.  Easier to travel with just one piece of small luggage, as it is easier when walking around, getting off and on trains and buses and so on.  It also saves money – I saved 80 euros!

Here are my tips for traveling light and saving, time, energy, and money:

  1. Check with the airlines about the size of the trolley and the weight allowance.  At the airport, I saw people having to stuff their handbags and backpacks with clothes because they were over the allowance. 
  2. Bring clothes that can mix and match so you have a wider choice of what to wear.
  3. Roll your clothes instead of stacking them, for some reason you can pack more.  
  4. Download books onto your phone or tablet instead of bringing a book
  5. If you are going to a hotel, don’t bring shampoos, soaps, body lotion since the hotel will supply them. 
  6. If you are staying for more than a couple of days, sometimes it is a good idea to bring some washing liquid so you can wash your clothes.  You could also use the hotel’s body wash or shampoo.

As with your well-earned vacation, thought needs to be given to what you should take with you, but it is worth the investment of time