It’s August, and in addition to all your household’s regular expenses, you also have to deal with the expense of purchases for the return to school. So, how do you do it smartly? Here are some tips that will help.

First of all, check out what’s left from last year

Each of us has a drawer or box with school supplies, notebooks, erasers, sharpeners and so on. And while there’s nothing more exciting than buying everything new for the next school year, when you check what you already have at home, you’ll most likely discover that you already have a lot and don’t really need to purchase very much. You can also check with friends and family to see spare items they have and will be surprised to find how happily people pass on unneeded school supplies. Backpacks, pencil cases, school shirts and other items can easily be washed and used again for another year.

Organize or join a buying group

Check out Facebook groups for more parents who will join you for a centralized purchase of equipment for the new school year. Contact small shops and ask for price offers for a centralized purchase of bags, notebooks, covers and more. Although the preparation will require legwork and price comparison between the various stores, the result will be a greater saving in the total expenditure.

Order online

If you order clothes and shoes from websites abroad, check if you can also purchase school equipment on the site. Maybe you won’t find trendy notebooks there, but you can easily find backpacks, pencils, scissors and paints and at a significant discount compared to their price in Israel.

Look for swap parties or a give-and-take market

There is no doubt that the trend of sustainability has not overlooked the return to school. While at normal swap parties you exchange clothes, shoes and accessories, at swap parties for the return to school you hand over study equipment that you no longer use and take items that you need. You can find postings about these parties in Facebook groups focused on sustainability and recycling and in local city groups.

Wishing all students, a successful school year.

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