Pessach Shopping 2021

Click on this link to download the Pessach Shopping List 2021.

Pessach shopping list

The key to dealing with Pessach is planning in advance: Make a list of expected expenses and include all the components: food, wine, disposable utensils, trips and family entertainment, etc. Add the final amount to your annual budget.

The idea is to prepare ourselves during the year for the extraordinary expenses of Pessach, define the monthly amount of the cost of the expected expenditure on Pessach, divide it to 12 months, and save this amount each month – thus saving enough for Pessach.

What happens if you did not plan for Pessach? You can still check the bank account before starting shopping set yourselves a budget on how much you want to spend and prepare your shopping list accordingly. To help you on your way, you can download the shopping list that I have prepared especially for you.

Just one last note, if you do find yourselves in overdraft because of Pessach, I suggest that you skim off your food, clothes, vacation budget in the coming months so that you will go to being financially stable as quickly as possible after Pessach.