What am I entitled to from Bituach Leumi during the coronavirus crises?

Question: I am a salaried employee and I have caught the virus – am I entitled to Bituach Leumi?

Answer:  No, you are not, but you are entitled to receive sick pay from your employer.  Hopefully, you have enough sick days.

Question:  I have been told to go into (בידוד) isolation.  Am I entitled to sick pay or Bituach Leumi?

Answer:  No you are not entitled to either.  However, if you cannot work from home, you can ask your employer to deduct your sick days in order to receive a salary.

Question:  I receive a pension but I also work and have been asked to take unpaid vacation days (חלת) can I receive this unemployment benefit?

Answer: Before the coronavirus you were not entitled to two allowances from Bituach Leumi.  However, during the coronvirus you will receive your pension and unemployment benefits from Bituach Leumi.

Question:  I am on unpaid vacation leave do I need to pay Bituach Leumi?

Answer: Yes and no.  For the first two months, your employer pays your Bituach Leumi.  After the two months, you need to pay NIS 177 p/month.

Question:  What is the minimum amount of time that I can be on unpaid vacation leave?

Answer: The minimum time is 30 days.

Question:  How long can I be on unpaid vacation leave?

Answer: The Government has extended upaid vacation leave until July 2021.

Question: I am pregnant and due to give birth in a couple of months.  However, my position has been reduced.  Will this affect my maternity payment?

Answer: No, your maternity leave allowance will be calculated on your regular salary and not the reduced one.

Question:  I work in two places.  The first place closed due to the coronavirus therefore I became redundant and the second place of work asked me to take unpaid vacation.  What do I do?

Answer: You need to update Bituach Leumi that you are unemployed and on unpaid vacation.  There is no need to made two claims.

All this information was found on the Bituach Leumi English web site.  Some of the information was found on the Bituach Leumi Hebrew web site and I used Google translate – it was that simple to find answers.  However, if you stil need financial help, please do not hesitate to contact me.