Time and time again, when I work with my clients, both Israeli and Anglo Saxons they are not aware of how many vacation days they are entitled to.  Here is what you are entitled to by law and you will be surprised that you are allowed to take 2 days off without it being deducted from your vacation days.
According to the January 2017 Annual Leave Law

Years of seniority or experienceVacation days
1-5Up to 16 vacation days
6+Up to 18 vacation days
7+Up to 21 vacation days
8+An additional day for each year of work up to a max of 28 days a year

An employer can set an employee’s vacation dates as well as a scheduled collective vacation.

Since the incident of Eti Alon, who managed to bankrupt a bank, in some cases, an employee must take leave of seven consecutive days. An employer who wishes his employee to take leave of seven days or more must notify the employee two weeks in advance. The employer must allow the employee to take continuous leave. However, with the mutual consent of the employee and the employer.

An employee may demand two days of leave – a personal choice day – ימי בחירה  on a date convenient to them by notifying the employer 30 days in advance.  This is in accordance with the Appendix to Section 6 of the Annual Leave Act,  Here is a list of some of the days:

Tisha  B’Av
First day back at school
Fast of Gedalia
Festival of Sigad
First night of Chanuka
Fast – 10th of Tevet
Fast of Esther
Shushan Purim
Holocaust Day
Remembrance Day
Lag B’Omer
1st of May
Jerusalem Day
Fast – 17th of Tamuz

Take advantage of two of these days, since you are entitled to them!