When are now in the 3rd lockdown and hopefully the last one due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Bituach Leumi has changed a lot of their conditions.  In this article, you will receive guidelines about your rights if you are employed.

Question: It is the first time that I have been asked to go on unpaid vacation  (Chalat – חל”ת) what is the procedure?
Answer:  There are 3 Steps to be taken:
1.  You need to report to Bituach Leumi that you are on unpaid vacation.
2. You have to register to the Ministry of Employment לשכת התעסקה .
3.  You have to ensure that your employee has reported to Bituach Leumi and filled in Form 100.
If all these steps are taken then Bituach Leumi can process your claim as quickly as possible.

Question: I have been put on unpaid vacation again, can I receive unemployment benefits?
Answer:  Yes, you are eligible you receive unemployment benefits.

Question:  Do I have to report to Bituach Leumi myself?
Answer:  No, you don’t but your employer does.  However, you should access the Bituach Leumi web site to check that your employer has reported that you are on unpaid vacation.

Question:  If I am on unpaid vacation again, do I have to report to the Ministry of Employment?
Answer: Every time you are asked to go on unpaid vacation leave, you have to report to the Ministry of Employment.

Question: I have been asked again to go on unpaid vacation, again is there a 5 day period that I do not receive unemployment benefits?
Answer:  If you are asked to take unpaid vacation again there is no 5-day waiting period.

Question: I started working with a different employer but I have yet been again asked again to be on unpaid vacation, am I still entitled to unemployment benefits?
Answer:  You are still entitled to unemployment benefits and it will be calculated according to your old place on employment.

The law has also changed if you are required to go into isolation and here are your rights.

If you are asked who has to go into isolation from the dates 1.10.20-31.3.2021 your employer is required to pay you but they are entitled to receive compensation from BItuach Leumi. However, you have to meet the following conditions:

  1. If you or one of your children up to the age of 16 were exposed to a verified coronavirus carrier and are forced to be in isolation.
  2. NOTE: If you are working from home during the isolation period your employer is not entitled to compensate you.
  3. Also if you have returned from abroad and you need to go into isolation you are not entitled to any compensation.

Payment amount is like sick days:

For the first day of isolation – no compensation

For the second and third day of isolation – you are eligible to receive 50%

From the fourth day 100% of your salary

HOWEVER – these days will be deducted from your sick leave.  If you do not have enough sick leave, from the 4th day you will only receive 70% of your salary.

NOTE: You cannot be fired if you are in isolation